Real Estate Services

Maryland Real Estate Attorney, Real Estate Lawyer

Here at the The Speier Law Firm, LLC, we focus on three distinct areas of real estate law: purchase and sale transactions, purchase and refinance settlements, and litigation. Below you will find more details regarding these service areas. If you have a question, or need assistance with a real estate matter not outlined here, feel free to contact us for private consultation. The Speier Law Firm, LLC represent buyers, sellers, brokers, real estate agents, and financers in all aspects of residential and commercial real estate transactions.

Transactional Services

As a licensed attorney and a licensed settlement agent, Scott C. Speier represents clients in a multitude of real estate matters such as:

• Real Estate Contracts review, negotiation and preparation

• Brokerage Agreements review, negotiation and preparation

• Residential and Commercial Leases review, negotiation and preparation

• Promissory Notes, Mortgages, Deed of Trust review, and preparation

• Reviewing and preparing other Real Estate Documents

Settlement Services - Protection of Sellers and Buyers

Unlike traditional settlement companies, here at The Speier Law Firm, LLC, we can act both as your attorney and settlement agent from start to finish as you prepare to settle or close a real estate transaction. Ultimately, this provides more continuity and greater legal protection for you.

Litigation Services

We have substantial real estate litigation experience here at The Speier Law Firm, LLC, and most commonly handle matters such as:

• Breach of Contract

• Foreclosure Actions

• Lot Line Disputes

• Adverse Possession

• Fraud

• Breach of Warranty

• Personal Injury

• Construction Law
Be it real estate transactions or otherwise, our primary concern always remains the same - the best interest of our clients. Need private consultation? We’re always available.