A Plan for Successful Aging

My senior and baby boomer clients often tell me they aren’t too crazy about being labeled as elderly and they don’t relish the idea of seeing an elder law attorney. They fear the word “elder” forces them in a group that is often minimized or stereotyped. They worry that the label “elder” or “senior citizen” immediately decreases their influence not just in the community at large but with their closest friends and family. In some way, just the mention of their advancing age decreases their autonomy and dignity in the eyes of others.

If that is truly the reality, then I whole heartedly agree with them. I have found that my clients are powerful, compassionate people. They care about their families, their businesses, their communities. They have strong voices and they want to engage and plan for their later-in-life years.

One of my clients recently told me she prefers to be referred to as an “accomplished, woman.” So I decided to run with it. The next time someone asked me what I did, I channeled that client and proudly responded: “I counsel and empower accomplished men and women who want to influence the course of their lives as they age and protect their legacies for their loved ones.” I got a wide eyed look in response, followed by several questions about my practice. I was pleased.

Influencing the course of one’s life and protecting one’s legacy are noble goals. My clients are dignified people who understand the importance of planning for successful aging. Successful aging doesn’t just happen. It starts with a strong foundation. That foundation is a customized estate plan including a will or trust, a durable power of attorney and an advance medical directive. These legal documents are the corner stones of control and influence.

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